Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nuclear Era and the Frozen Evolution of Minds

On Aug. 14, 1945, President Truman of the U.S.A announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

1945 to 2005: The legacy of frozen evolution of the mind: Hiroshima 6th August

Go to war on virtual facts only!
Or let a million Brussels Sprout!
The aftermath of the atomic war saw
The evaporation of the pact Warsaw
The former reds condensing one by one into NATO
Its still the nuclear age of the evil doer
Hark! August six is coming near -only a year after
A dozen and a half kilotons nuclear
Is more than fifty trillion watt-seconds
Of intergenerational destroyer
Exploded in a millionth of an instant impulse infinite
On 6th August 1945 in Hiroshima 350000 people
Became the Atom Bomb’s breakfast
One hundred forty thousand killed
By December that year of the n-devil’s harbinger
Some were evaporated half, some were roasted alive,
And some became involuntary inheritors
Of incurable radiation diseases
Many intergenerational in character
For every bewildered Hiroshima citizen
A megawatt of a nuclear power station
Hiroshima bomb’s power is however
One hundred-fifty million times
The 350000 megawatts n-power
Itself a killer during normal operations every year
Of 200000 people due to fatal cancer
Sixty years of the aftermath dear reader
Was infinitely brighter than a thousand Suns nuclear
Located One hundred-fifty million kilometers farther
From the earth oh dear beautiful mother
In the fifties and the sixties of the century gone by
The capitalists and the communists became
In mind body and spirit one monolith cold warrior
In abject terror and terrible distrust of one another
A mutually assured destroyer of the mother
Many a time over come even the nuclear winter
One Hiroshima was not enough blunder
Another at Nagasaki too little of a whimper
Soon megaton bombs several were Hexploded
By each n-power into the bitter atmosphear
Threatening with impunity icy irradiated shower
Non-threshold biological effects involuntary terror
Through the food we eat the air we breathe
Concentrated by every trophic level of nature
Oh! No Immediate danger cried the cheer leader
While they secretly took away dead babies’ bones
To measure MAD strontium from the heavens
Interred in the marrows tender from all over
Fifty nine years past Hiroshima later
The European Committee on Radiation Risk said
Sixty-five million have died or will eventually die
-An euphemism- for perfect mass murders committed
By nuclear activities to 1989
-464 Hiroshima equivalents- the price of abject fear
Dominating the six thousand megatons mad deterrent
Hark! The August six is coming sure next year
Will mankind evolve in a millionth of a second
Impulse into a completely faithful n-dismantler?
N-nations of all axes of evil’s perfect killer
Will they change into saviours of natural nuclear
And restore man’s finest feelings
For life’s infinite non-clonal reproducing wonder
Or do you need sixty-five million new-rem-berg
Trials of horrendous terror?
Where n-nations will be burdened with indebtedness
Of quadrillions of insatiable expenses of dollar terror
Andrei Sakharov Pauling BRussel Mahatma Gandhi
Let B.Russels sprout by the millions!
Through the diversifier of the non-clonal reproducer
Into natural nuclear’s infinite wonder- Life!
Life-infinitely flowering-everlasting!
Peace! Peace! Peace!

On Aug. 14, 1945, President Truman of the U.S.A announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

And in December 1991, the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR became extinct.
They Warsaw and then NATOED
And happily ever after they lived and let lived.